Das Mauerblümchen;
The Wallflower;
opheliajohnson whispered:
A small letter was lying on your desk. "My beloved Max, I know a lot happened the last weeks and I'm so sorry about everything. If... you don't hate me so much like I could imagine you probably do... would you meet me next saturday evening on the roof of the manhattan tower? I will wait for you there. Love -Ophelia"


The letter that was left lying beautifully upon the empty, clean desk was very slowly replied to weeks later; and though it contained Zorin’s stamp, flawless upon the outside of it’s elegant envelope, once inside the letter’s scent was unfamiliar.
It bore handwriting rather of a well-mannered butler than of the platinum-haired mastermind himself. It was written not in first person, but in third — and it did not contain casual, affectionate titles, but rather it read in French. The translation into English may be found directly below.

Dear Madame Ophelia Johnson,
      I regret to inform you that Mister Zorin is unfortunately incapable of responding directly to your letter. An unfavorable event has left Mister Zorin accused of an illegal act, and after being fairly tried in the Court Of Cassation and sentenced to sixteen months in the Maison d’arret de Bois d’Arcy prison.
If you would like direct contact with him, you may contact the prison directly through telephone (+33 1 30 23 30 30) where you will find information about visiting hours upon inquiry.

Sincerest Apologies,
        Representing Maximillian Zorin of Zorin Industries

It was still early morning as she could hear a piece of paper get showed through the door and landed quietly on the ground. She never got an answer from Max. She waited on the Saturday for probably three hours. But there was no one.
The girl slowly stood up from her bed after she could hear the steps walking away from her apartment door. Tapping along the cold floor with her bare feet she glanced down and saw an envelope which looked pretty familiar to those she always got from the platinum industrialist. Her heart stopped for a second as she slowly kneeled down to take the letter and opened it carefully.
The words she read were shocking… and she didn’t know what to think about it. Ophelia was worried. More than that. What just happened… Maybe it was her fault…
Immediately she jumped up from her legs and took quick steps to the telephone, calling the number which stood in the letter. And it indeed was a prison. 
The blonde was speechless for a short moment until the person on the other side asked for another time in french if someone was there. Ophelia responded quickly in french asking for Max Zorin and if he was there. Of course the man on the other side couldn’t tell her what happened but she got the visiting hours, so she could ask him by himself. Thanking him for the information she hang up finally.
The woman bit on her lip slightly, thinking about what she should do next. She didn’t need a lot of time to decide that she had to fly in the next hours. But first she had to call her family and friends… she didn’t want to make a mess again. So she called her Cousin, her parents and her best friend Billy, explaining them that she needed to go for a while and didn’t know when she could come back. She didn’t have a good feeling at all… but she wanted to be there for him. He just meant to much for her to let him go so easily.
The bags were packed pretty fast and she got a last minute flight to france, so she ordered a taxi and was on the airport one hour later. Actually she was astonished about her quick actions, since she had visited her sisters grave she never acted to fast, so she was more than glad that she finally sat in the plane. She couldn’t loose him. Not so easily… Even if she made a lot of mistakes….

tommy-larson whispered:
"Phil......?" // fjdkslkfjdls; Hiiiii. omg. :D

"…Tommy..! I-I.. I didn’t want to leave I just… it’s…"

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Home again || OPEN


Letting her go? He didn’t even think about it. After all he could only understand her too well, though, still not entirely sure why she didn’t give anyone a heads up before she got up and left. “It’s ok.” His voice was calm and had a tender ring to it, he tried to sound reassuring. “There is no need to apologize.” 

"Of course, Ash… It was… pretty selfish of me. And you were worried…" the girl whispered into the hug, burying her face into the taller man’s shirt. "I hope I didn’t ruin everything…"

Home again || OPEN


If she only knew how well he could understand her. He could only imagine what she must feel like in this moment. “It’s ok.” A simple answer in a low tone that should serve the purpose of sounding reassuring. Make her convinced that he wasn’t mad at her, the slight anger from before disappeared by now. “I’m just glad that you’re alright.” 

Ophelia looked up at the dark blond man, giving him a weak smile after his words. “I… thank you…Ash.” The girl whispered quietly and hugged him another time. “I missed you so much, I’m sorry, brother.”

Home again || OPEN


One sentence from Ophelia and he felt like the worst person on the surface of this entire planet. A bitter feeling was crawling up his throat and ended up lingering on his tongue. He would keep quiet, didn’t want to say anything because he was afraid to make it worse. Holding her a little closer, reassuring her that everything was ok. That was what he did, the only thing he could do without making causing a mess with his words.

Sighing in silence the girl glanced down on the ground again, sniffing quietly as she still felt his arms around her. “I… I’m sorry… Asher…” she apologized as she tried not to sound that helpless. “I know… I’ve should tell you about it… but… I don’t know… I haven’t visited her grave before and…”

Home again || OPEN


Grinning at her and letting her hanging the jacket into her wardrobe he scratched his neck. “Sure sure sure, why not?” he answered and followed her, as well as Bonny, into the kitchen, although he really would have loved to drink some coke.

Phel took her steps into the kitchen, looking shortly around. It seemed so surreal since she was back… everything felt so.. strange. Taking a look into the fridge she sighted quietly looking over the door up to Billy. “Let’s visit a bar… I’ll pay.” she offered slightly ashamed that she wasn’t able to offer him something.